• Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple


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Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple

This is one of Malacca’s most famous Indian temples. It serves hundreds of people each year especially during festivities. Many temples are in key geographical points, such as a hill top, near waterfalls, caves and rivers, as these are, according to Hinduism, worship places and make it easier to contemplate God.

The altars generally contain pictures or statues of gods and goddesses. Large, ornate altars are found in Hindu temples while smaller altars are found in homes and sometimes also in Hindu-run shops and restaurants.

The word for temple is mandir as hypostatized temple. Hindus generally go to temples only on auspicious occasions or during religious festivals. Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple do not play a crucial role in marriages and funerals, but it is often the meeting place for religious discourses as well as ‘bhajans’ and ‘kirtans’ (devotional songs and chants). In the Vedic period there were no temples. The main object of worship was fire that stood for God.


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Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple
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Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple
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Sri Menanti Royal Museum
Seri Menanti, 71550, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Kampung Batu Tempurong, 71550 Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple
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Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple

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    Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple
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