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Rantau Abang

Like many famous destinations in Terengganu state, Rantau Abang has its own unique beauty that draws the attention and curiosity of visitors. Perhentian Island (Pulau Perhentian) and Redang Island (Pulau Redang) are well known for their clear blue water, suitable for island hopping, diving and snorkeling. Besides, one of the largest man-made lakes, Lake Kenyir is also located in Terengganu, offering a great place for fishing. What’s the beauty of Rantau Abang then? It’s unique location that the giant leatherback turtle stop by to lay their eggs. Not only it serves as an educational platform to educate and show our younger generation the beauty of Mother Nature, but it also draws crowd from abroad, making Rantau Abang one of the most talked about town among visitors. The laying season starts from May to August, peak months are June and July, that time around, Rantau Abang will be swamp with visitors from everywhere. Unfortunately, the number of turtles stop by to lay eggs has been reducing year by year due to pollution and harassment from the tourists that disrupt their tranquility.

Other famous town in Terengganu includes Merang and Tanjung Jara Beach. Another hidden gem in Terengganu is the Islamic Civilization Park, which is a theme park not to be missed. Terengganu truly has much to offer, hence staying a few nights in there is definitely worth your time. Hotel in Terengganu are plenty, ranging from luxury to budget hotels.


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Rantau Abang
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