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Queen Victoria’s Fountain

Right in the middle of the Dutch Square, surrounded by the red-painted Dutch buildings, presence the historical British architectural monument – Queen Victoria Fountain of Melaka. The Queen Victoria Fountain was built in 1904 by the British to commemorate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee and it still stands elegantly until this very day. Made of English marble, the Queen Victoria Fountain is probably only few of the functioning colonial water fountain in Malaysia.

Queen Victoria surpassed George III as the longest reigning monarch in England, Scotland and British history on 23 September 1896. The Queen then requested that any special celebrations to be delayed until 1897 to coincide with her Diamond Jubilee, which was made a festival of the British Empire.  A Diamond Jubilee is a celebration to mark a 60th anniversary of the reign of the King or Queen.  In total, Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years, 7 months and two days.

The Queen Victoria Fountain has since became a landmark in Malacca and it is a must have backdrop for photographers and tourists who visit the Malacca heritage site.  The fountain is one of the last traces of British colonial era in Malaysia.  It also represents the glorious days of the British people in Malaysia.


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Queen Victoria’s Fountain
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Queen Victoria’s Fountain
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Queen Victoria’s Fountain

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