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Kuantan River Cruise

The Kuantan river cruise takes visitors through the picturesque landscape of a 500-year-old mangrove forest reserve that spreads along the Kuantan River. The swamp, which covers an area of 340 hectares, is home to fascinating varieties of estuarine plants, birds and fish species.

The first stop along the way is a fishing village where the local community makes a living from the sea. Then the cruise will take a brief stop at the swamp area where visitors are greeted with a profusion of mangrove outshoots that blanket the muddy ground. Wading through the mud is impossible, so a 1000-metre wooden walkway was constructed to enable visitors to walk under the canopy of the tropical mangrove forest. Various species of mangroves such as Fhizephora mucrionata, ecoecaria and xylocarpus can easily be identified as some are marked to assist recognition. Mangroves available here are of the species that can be turned into high grade charcoal.

Medan Feri is the last stop of the cruise, where visitors take a short break for rest and refreshments. Close nearby is the remnant of a Japanese fortress built during World War II.


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Kuantan River Cruise
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Kuantan River Cruise
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Kuantan River Cruise
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Kuantan River Cruise

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