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Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is an integrated resort development comprising hotels, casinos and a theme park in Pahang, perched on the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali at 1,800 meters high. Nestled near the border of Selangor within an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur (about 35km), Genting Resort presents a popular weekend getaway from the city heat, conveniently connected by the Karak Highway and major trunk roads, along with a cable car service from the satellite town of Gohtong Jaya. On a clear day, the peak overlooks lush valleys of rainforest stretching towards Kuala Lumpur, a breathtaking view for visitors as they enjoy the cooling weather and serene mountain environment.

Since 1971, Genting Highlands has remained the only legal gambling outfit in Malaysia – its very own mini Las Vegas on a mountain top. While the casinos are central to Genting Highlands, a theme park provides fun rides and activities for adults and children alike, while First World Plaza is a colourful shopping complex with restaurants, entertainment and boutique outlets. On the peak, First World Hotel – the largest hotel in Asia with over 6,000 budget rooms – provides much of the budget accommodation along with family-oriented Theme Park Hotel. Genting Grand (formerly Genting Hotel) and Maxims (formerly Highlands Hotel) are classy five star establishments while Resort Hotel bridges the gap between budget and luxury accommodation for visitors.

Besides, Genting Highlands has a myriad range of attractions for the whole family to enjoy, beside the theme parks and shopping centers at the peak. The Strawberry Farm at Gohtong Jaya is a place where the whole family can pluck strawberries and purchase them by weight. Near the peak, the Mushroom Farm is an established tourist attraction that also houses a souvenir shop, vegetable market and seafood restaurants. Next, Chin Swee Temple is a sprawling Chinese temple complex with many architectural displays that include giant statues, prayer halls and a pagoda tower. Finally, Happy Bee Farm produces local honey with a gallery open to visitors along with an insect display.

Genting Highlands has a cooling climate between 20°C to 25°C during the day and 15°C to 20°C during the night. Misty weather is a prevalent element and thunder storms are frequent towards the year end. However, you can visit Genting Highlands anytime, as the roads up are made of sturdy construction that resist most landslides. If you prefer a dry holiday, the best time to come here would lie between March and September when the rainfall is generally least.


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Genting Highlands
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