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Kek Lok Si Temple

Built since the year 1891, Kek Lok Si Temple situated in the island of Penang, Malaysia, is one of the largest and finest temples complexes in Southeast Asia. Situated strategically on a sprawling hill, Kek Lok Si is known as the jewel in the crown of heritage temples in Malaysia, and has been identified as one of the largest and finest temple complexes in Southeast Asia. The scenic view of the hills outside the temple complements the temple’s exquisitely designed rooflines and exotic pullars, further enhancing the picturesque facade of the Kek Lok Si Buddhist Monastery.

With millions of magnificent images of Buddha and hundreds of beautiful meaningful carvings, sculptures and murals in the interior and exterior of the temple halls, pagodas and archways, Kek Lok Si Temple is not just a center for Chinese culture and Buddha teaching, but also an unique heritage treasures that have Mahayana Buddhism and traditional Chinese rituals blend into a harmonious whole, in temple architecture and daily activities of worshipers.The buildings have been constructed along intricate architectural lines; sine resemble famous Buddhist temples in China, whilst others are unique in themselves, reflecting the Kek Lok Si’s own style of creative innovation.

Kek Lok Si is known not only for the beauty of its historic buildings, which attract thousands of tourists every year, but also for being a center for Chinese culture and Buddhist teaching. The dissemination of Buddhism through organized events and special occasions has benefited many devotees and followers of the Buddhist way of life. It is hoped that further dissemination of Buddhist knowledge will be conducted in Kek Lok Si, a center par excellence in Buddhist education, bring about better understanding and practices of Buddhist teachings to help create a more harmonious world.




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Kek Lok Si Temple
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Kek Lok Si Temple
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Kek Lok Si Temple
Kek Lok Si Temple, 1000-L, Tingkat Lembah Ria 1, 11500 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


Kek Lok Si Temple
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Kek Lok Si Temple

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    Kek Lok Si Temple
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